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Exeter Township
Senior High School
Class of 1992


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Exeter Township Senior High School
Class of 1992

20 Year Reunion - Who's Coming?

These are the classmates who are attending our 20 year reunion:

Becky Arnold Krommes (+1)
Jason Buynovsky (+1)
Shannon Deeds Steward (+1)
Scott Hamm
Sean Hart (+1)
Erika Hartman Moyer (+1)
Pat Higgins (+1)
Heather Houp Doll (+1)
Jamie Huckleberry
Jim Huckleberry (+1)
Sarah Keifrider Loeb
Patricia Kratsas Shenk
Ronnie Loeb
Deb Loeper Hoehn
Craig McMackin (+1)
Andy Myers (+1)
Doug Schott (+1)
Tiffany Seidel (+1)
Melissa Speece DeWees (+1)
Nathan Storms (+1)
Rich White

If you have any questions about the reunion, feel free to contact any reunion committee member!

Return to the 20 Year Reunion page for full reunion details.